Friday, March 13, 2009

New Shops?

The Empty Shops Network is on the lookout for empty shops to turn into short-term temporary pop-up shops, community spaces and galleries.
It would certainly make our High Street more attractive if some if not all of the now closed shops were open again. Could Nairn become a centre of the arts on the back of shops being turned in the likes of galleries and workshops? I’m sure the majority of Nainites would welcome this move rather than the current displays of growing empty windows that greet us at the moment?


dr-grigor said...

With the state of our empty high street shops , i dont see any reason why we shouldnt embrasse any idea that would make some sort of use of such empty premises, we did it before back in the 90s with the "big shop" and after the success of our cinema of dreams film festival and the ever popular book and jazz festivals, maybe we should be looking at promoting nairn as festival town !

Anonymous said...

"Wakey Wakey" Dr. It's now the Twenty First Century.

Anonymous said...

wish the council would realise that point, not quite sure which century they are in