Thursday, March 05, 2009

Highland News reports on Nairn Academy situation

There is an article in this week's Highland News, not on line yet unfortunately, that takes a look at the Nairn Academy situation. The article is entitled 'School Asbestos find causes chaos for pupils'. Part of the article states:
'Since it opened in the mid 1970s, the flat roof has continually leaked, giving rise for concerns about the impact water penetration could have on the asbestos in the building.'The HN have also spoken to the parent council chairman Rick Riley and Provost Liz.
The HN also has a leader article 'Schools mess needs to be cleaned up' which also examines the situation at Nairn Academy and that of Millburn Academy*. Concerning Nairn Academy part of the leader states:
'Question marks are rightly being raised over the initial work which sparked the scare, given that Highland Council was aware of an asbestos problem at the academy for some time and that the state of the school has been constantly questioned over the years by parents' groups.'
*Another article in the HN takes a detailed look at the Millburn Academy situation. The article begins:
'Parents of pupils attending a £26 million state-of-the-art school were only informed about worries of safety worries involving their children just a day before the situation was exposed in the Highland News.'
Perhaps these articles will appear on the HN site soon.

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