Friday, March 13, 2009

Praise for Nairn Academy Staff and Pupils

As the asbestos clean-up operation continues at Nairn Academy, Highland Council has praised both staff and pupils for the way they have responded to the partial closure of the school.
The schools hopes to be fully re-opened post the Easter break when remedial work should be finished


good2blether said...

The press release from the Council does not address the shortcomings leading up to the day when staff and pupils arrived at the school to finds asbestos containing material all over their furniture, equipment and course work!

Some questions that need to be answered:

(1) Why was a contractor working on the roof installing solar panels during shool term? Is it anything to do with the finacial year?
(2) Did the Education and Property managers make the decision to do the works during shool term?
(3) How low is the risk from asbestos containing material when equipment and course work is being taken away to a registered landfill site?
(4) Are the Nairn Councillors going to ask for an investigation or a report on the asbestos situation in Nairn Academy?

Can we please have action as well as praise for the staff and pupils.

Graisg said...

Hello good2blether. A lot of information is now available on the Nairn Academy FAQ's page and I think you might find some information relevant to your questions there. I gather that Sandy Park had asked for a report on the incident at Nairn Academy to be presented at Education, Culture and Sport Committee on Thursday. Perhaps you should ask for it to be published on the Academy site with the other information?

11:54 AM

Anonymous said...

Have you seen today's P&J with the story regarding the Highland Councils decision to cut 40 teaching posts throughout the Highlands. They are proposing to cut 5 teachers from Nairn Academy. A decision, which the Scottish Teachers association do not agree with.