Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Nairn Academy remains closed - A concerned parent speaks out

This morning all quiet at Nairn Academy, the Gurn saw one teacher arriving, no doubt to find out the latest news, and then leave. There were just a small cluster of vehicles in the normally packed car park. See the article below for more background on this story.
Meanwhile more information has been reported in the Press and Journal. Children were sent home with a letter explaining the situation to their parents:
The council letter stated: “Following work on the roof of the upper school, mathematics staff came into school this morning to discover significant quantities of dust on the floors and work surfaces.
“The school’s head janitor was contacted immediately and confirmed the presence of asbestos material in the Artex in this part of the school. By 8.15am this area of the school was sealed off.”
Cawdor shopkeeper John Macintosh, 58, who has a son and daughter at the academy, said he knew of the presence of asbestos at the school but it was not previously deemed hazardous because of a house rule that drawing pins were not used on classroom walls.
He said: “I think this is quite a serious matter. I’m looking for some reassurance that there’s a nil likelihood of any harm to my children’s health. A ‘low’ level is not sufficient. The school should be closed until such time as we get some assurances that there is nothing harmful there for the children.
“This seems to be a serious incident.”

The P& J have also spoken to the Provost. For the entire article go to the Press and Journal site.

UPDATE: The Gurn has been given the following web site address: 'Asbestos in Schools' The site states:'The aim of this site is to inform parents, teachers and ancillary staff about asbestos in schools. It gives guidance on how to improve the management of asbestos in schools. It aims to encourages openness in the UK Government's policy towards asbestos in schools'

The site contains information on management of asbestos, suggested improvements to policy, guidance and a database of media articles plus papers on asbestos to download.

UPDATE: The Inverness Courier speaks to Councillor Graham Marsden:

"In my view it was a sensible thing to do because the last thing we can do is put children at harm," he said. "As far as I'm concerned this adds weight to the argument that really what we need is a new academy." More on the Courier site.


Anonymous said...

We have just heard that the school will open for S4-6 pupils tomorrow,S3-6 on Thursday and S2-6 on Friday.Although it is important that the pupils get back to school with exams coming up. Can parents be reassured that there is no health risk.

Anonymous said...

message on school phone service from the rector advising school will be open Wednesday for 4th, 5th and 6th years and on Thursday 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th years

Anonymous said...

yes its the highland council schools phone service where you dial in on 08700 546 999 then enter the nairn academy code of 042 700 then choose option 3 for general messages

Anonymous said...

what about the s1 pupils going back to school?
it is a hazard for s2,s3,s4,s5 and s6 pupils
not just the s1 pupils i think the whole school should stay of untill everything is sorted and cleared.

Anonymous said...

I recall that when the Academy was first opened the buzz words at the time were "the school is designed to last for thirty years. Well it has! Time to knock it down and build a new one.

Anonymous said...

I am reluctant to put my children back to school. the whole place should be taken down and rebuilt. How do we know it is safe?

Graisg said...

last anon - I'm not going to publish the second part of your comment I think you'll understand why.