Friday, March 20, 2009

Nairn Academy evacuated

Part of the school was evacuated today as fumes from work on the roof entered the building. The school is assuring the community however that this was not a fire emergency. Lessons were disrupted for approximately one hour.
Thanks to Nairnlass for informing the Gurn of this incident


Anonymous said...

wonder how incomers to the town wanting to put there children to Nairn Academy feel about putting there children there, not really a good advert at the mo is it ?

Anonymous said...

As it seems to be open season on Nairn Academy I'd like to take this opportunity to add my Gurn,
I find it hard to believe that the Highland council are busy spending money on promoting healthy eating in our schools and removing unhealthy foods from their menus only to allow 2 trading vans to sit outside the main gate of Nairn Academy. The other problem that arises from this is the matter of the litter which is dropped after the pupils buy and consume the product from the said vans. Ok the vendors DO pick up after the bell has called the pupils back for classes but by then the litter has been blown to all corners of Duncan drive. Maybe we should collect it all up and dump it in the council offices in the courthouse as protest? Also the state of the litter on the "backpath" leading from Lodgehill to the Academy is nothing more than a disgrace even though there are several litter bins enroute.
The answer......god only knows.But this HAS to stop and the sooner the better.

dr-grigor said...

on the matter of litter on the path , then the Academy must surely take some responsibility for their pupils mess and find some solution to the problem, perhaps a litter patrol brigade,organised by the pupils themselves, or perhaps pupils who are undergoing punishment excercises could be asked to do a sweep of the path, bagging up the litter, i am sure the school could and should help sort this problem out !

p.s. as i said in an earlier topic when we were at millbank back in the 70's our janitor made the whole school go round and pick there own litter up after break!

Nairn said...

I do feel really sorry for the pupils and staff of Nairn Academy for having to cope with all the disruption that this year has brought thus far, daren’t even think ‘what next’.
I assume that Highland Council have managed to smooth over the large crack of the asbestos issue with assurances that everything is OK (Till the next time), and that a new academy is now back on the waiting list along with equally needed new schools by many others in the Highland region?

Anonymous said...

Please don't demonise the young over litter. Decent youngsters are in the majority. Don't forget adults drop litter too.
The council has a responsibility - why won't they enforce the £50 fine for dropping litter????
Are councillors and officialsall happy to take their salaries and do nothing to take a few simple steps that could aid our community? They should remember what they are paid for and who pays them. Our councillors need to do better, if not let's get rid of all four of them!!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 12:55
I don't agree that the young are being demonised on this issue, but the amount of litter around the Duncan Dr area does rather point towards the school user's.

Now I don't stay in that area but have witnessed the disregard in litter disposal many times whether it be paper, bottles or dog mess (I am also a dog owner).

Instead of expecting others (The Council) to clean up after us why can we not take on the responsibility for ourselves (saving money all round)Have a campaign or area working groups doing something about the problem, even if it only to encourage some respect for our town again.

Asking our kids/family members to do something positive (like cleaning up after themselves)no matter how small the contribution its better than spending the time on here "gurning" about the issue and expecting the man from the council "who I pay my council tax for to do the job for me".

It's our town - not just the Council's - getting rid of 4 councillors or even all of the Highland Councillors won't stop any of the problems continuing!

"It is our problem we make the mess"

"Go on I dare you all" start area community groups - get involved -2hrs a week - make a difference to where you live - make it our problem too..!

What the hell - now't else is working other than the gurning..!

I will gladly give up two hours a week I spend on the PC and do my bit if anyone else will, beats "gurning" and it's healthy

Want to join me...!


Anonymous said...

I remember pupils had to do once every so often go around picking up litter. It was more community building exercise, only stopped because of one parent complaining I believe.

Anonymous said...

I often pick up litter particularly bottles, sometimes broken ones. My dog has on 2 occasions had bits of glass stuck in it's paws, causing a lot of pain and a trip to the costly vets !
Anon was correct in reminding us how the school kids were stopped from picking up litter, this was a big mistake.

You only have to look at the areas the kids use to see just how much litter they discard, ie, skateboard park, duncan drive etc.

The emptying of litter bins could and should be organised better to prevent overspill. Areas that come to mind are the links, harbour and riverside paths.
These bins should be emptied on a friday allowing the dutiful majority enough bin space over the weekend when used to the maximum.
Too often the old style cast iron bins are overflowing and the gulls allowed to scatter the contents all over the place.
Come on council get organised, first impressions matter and Nairn is a disgrace in some areas !

As a matter of civic pride i urge others to pick up litter from time to time as well.

Anonymous said...

I am a town centre resident and every lunchtime some of the academy pupils gather nearby and when they leave the mess they left behind is atrocious. I tried a wee experiment by leaving a wheelie bin close by and guess what, yes they still throw the rubbish right beside the bin !
So demonising i dont think so but annoyed yes !