Friday, March 06, 2009

Provost calls for new school

The media interest in the situation at Nairn Academy continues with the Inverness Courier detailing Liz renewing her calls for a new school for Nairn, her logic being that with work starting on a new £2 million block soon, it would be better instead for the the Council to be better starting from scratch with a new school. The Courier quotes her,'I wonder whether that money would be better spent going towards a new school,' she said.'I have spoken to officers but it doesn't seem to be an option in the next five years.'
Where there's a will there's a way Liz, Nairn will just have to kick over tables and get a new Nairn Academy up to the top of the agenda! The present situation will not do at all.
According to the Courier Liz also has been reassured by council officials that there were no health risks and again the paper quotes her. 'I can understand parents' concerns.'
The article continues with details of the disruption and information from the Rector's newsletter to parents but like other articles published this week in the press this one also contains words from a sceptical parent. When the article appears on line we will link to it.
If you scroll down this page you will see other Gurn posts linking to previous articles and sites that contain information relevant to this incident. There have been quite a few comments coming into these posts and they too are worth a read.
In the meantime what do you think?
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jayteescot1 said...

I agree with provost Liz, building a new school would be a far better option than the current wasteful make do and mend situation.
Who’s idea was it to put solar panels on a building that is near the end of it’s life anyway ? I have always been under the impression that solar panels were a good investment on a new building, but not on an old one !
Considering the bail out billions being handed to the Banks, and the Bank of England looking for people to spend a new £75 Billion to kick start the economy.
Why cant the region borrow some of this and start investing in the future, like the creation of a state of the art low energy / carbon school for Nairn ?
Interest rates are as low as they are ever likely to get.

While they are at it, get enough to build the Nairn bypass as well, and create a new eco friendly state of the art wastewater plant on the old bar too ?

We live in unprecedented economic times, if it means doing what Obama is proposing in the states like investing in road works and infrastructure, lets get on with it !
If the younger generation are going to have to payback all this bail out money, then surely they should get something concrete out of it, like a new school etc.

There is hardly a week goes by when we have to read about government waste, everything from computer systems that go over budget and don’t work, to chinooks that cant fly, to agencies that don’t function. Banks that go bust, too many chiefs and not enough indians as has been the case for years.

There is a great shortage of common sense and too many wasteful bureaucrats and consultants.

Nairn could become the premier resort of the North, with a little bit of imagination and infrastructure investment.
Maybe the community should be gurning a lot more than they do, and encouraging those politicians who have some common sense !

We might even get a decent supermarket clamouring to come here if we did all of the above !

Graisg said...

@ anon @1.14

Please contact the Gurn through the e-mail address. We would like to put you in touch with a journalist who could better utilise your information.