Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Six-month reprieve for MacLean Court

The P& J reports:
A HIGHLAND day centre earmarked for closure has received a six-month stay of execution while its future is re-examined.
MacLean Court in Albert Street, Nairn, was due to shut as part of Highland Council budget cuts announced last month.
However, it emerged last night that the centre, which is used by 18 elderly people, is to remain open for another six months. Tomorrow, the council’s housing and social work committee will be asked to continue funding MacLean Court “until the users of the facility are consulted about future service provision and a review of support for older people in Nairn is concluded”.
Meanwhile Provost Liz has been highlighting the difficulties facing Nairn shoppers.
Over in the printed press the Nairnshire has news that some Nairn Academy pupils may soon be bussed to the old Cawdor School. A letter in the Nairnshire is also indicating that a single Community Council for Nairn may come about sooner rather than later and Iain Bain has a look at the Academy situation in his editorial. Only 40p buy it now!


dr-grigor said...

shopping out of town is great if you have a car, what about some of us locals that do not have access to transport ?

Anonymous said...

The call for a major supermarket to come to Nairn has been echoing around for several years, but I don’t see that the lack of one should mean an attack on the Co-op group.
If Inverness is Tesco city then yes Nairn is Co-op town, but the Co-op has never pretended to be one of the big players and its recent acquisition of Somerfield was so that it could stay in the retail game as other supermarkets have grown bigger and bigger.
It is only recently that the monopolies commission have ruled as to what Somerfield stores the Co-op could keep and which it would have to sell, so it is going to take time for the company to decide what to do with the remaining sites.
Morning, Noon, and Night is also a co-op owned by the Scotmid group, as is Semichem.
Many Nairnites travel outwith the town for major shopping as it seems does Liz, but what we need is a new supermarket so that both she and other Nairn folk spend their shopping money in Nairn not elsewhere.

Anonymous said...

i have one question as a local, why are we waiting so long to get a decent supermarket. can someone explain to me why i dont have the choice of cheap shopping in a town of pop bordering on 9000 ?