Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Mynairn fails to get listed on Courier and Highland News blog pages

Brian is firing on all cylinders today and gurning about the SPP newspaper group. He states:
Both the Inverness Courier and Highland News websites carry a page which features bloggers in the general local area - so in running this blog, I contacted the SPP Group to see if they would consider listing ‘My Nairn’ alongside the Gurn and others.
Sorry, no, I was told - My Nairn looks too much like a rival, so they wouldn’t list the site among the blogs.
The Gurnmeister doesn't see what the problem is and thinks Brian is just as likely to generate traffic in their direction as they are in his. Come on SPP list Mynairn. Gurnites, Brian has quite a lot more to say about this and you'll find it all here.

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