Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The Brae - 14 weeks of traffic disruption coming soon

Residents in the High Street area have received letters from W.A. Fairhurst and Partners acting on the behalf of the Highland Council. The letter details how the work on the brae will commence on Monday April 13th and continue for 14 weeks.
This will obviously have an impact into the start of Nairn's tourist season and will also mean that drivers who normally uses the brae will have to find another route to their destinations during the work. Just exactly what the impact of that will be we will soon find out but it has been suggested by some that there may be problems at the Gordon Street Junction with the A96 and also at Waverly Road as Nairnites seek another route to go about their business. Perhaps those that come up the brae to look for a parking space will no longer bother and simply drive elsewhere to buy their papers, fags, butcher meat or get a takeaway?
The brae will be closed to 'all vehicular through traffic' during the contractors (Leiths) working hours which will 'generally be from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m., Monday to Friday' and the letter adds that there may be some evening working to 8 p.m to complete paving work adjoining shop fronts.
This disruption will obviously impact on the shops further up the High Street too so the Gurn asks why all this couldn't have been done during the winter period?


Nairn said...

'The Gurn asks why all this couldn't have been done during the winter period?'

AyeRight asks 'why is this change being made anyway'?

Maybe those in charge haven't noticed but we have a shortage of road space? The closure of the Brae will mean heavier traffic in other areas.
I sincerely hope that the shops on the Brae survive the change, a paved area might mean more browsing but also a potential loss of real business as folk cannot get parked. It will effect folk in houses and flats in the area as well.

Superb timing to start the work. It appears we have someone in charge banging nails into the coffin that is Nairn's tourist industry, they'll probably get a pay rise.

Yet another reason for folk to keep driving and shop outwith Nairn?

jayteescot1 said...

I agree with iRight.
Makes you wonder who is in charge of the planning of these works, what timing !!

Between the brae and the links, why dont they just put a sign outside the town saying " NAIRN CLOSED FOR THIS YEARS HOLIDAY SEASON" courtesy of Highland region.

Anonymous said...

Excuse me but didn't some of the shop- keepers on the brae sign a petition to get this work done?

Anonymous said...

On top of all the disruption, I wonder when the folk who park their cars on the Brae at night are going to realise that once this fiasco is completed then the parking spaces will disappear?

Anonymous said...

Why are they going ahead with this? It's a complete waste of money (especially at the moment)and is not going to achieve anything (starts at the bottom of the brae and ends at the top and it won't tie in with the rest of the High Street). When, and if, they ever find any money to carry out the rest of this plan (yeah, right) then nothing will match and they'll have to pull it all up again!

Listen, can you hear that tinkling sound - it's our money (about £500k?) going down the drain!!!

It would be much better to put the money to some other use - Bailey Bridge, clean chewing gum off pavements, put up some hanging baskets and flower displays etc, etc.

Anonymous said...

I got this letter today, but can I ask one question? Where is 'The Brae'? I did look on maps but couldn't see anything. I can only assume it's a local name for a part of the High Street (but not one I have heard used before)? For shame on me. However, that said, doing any major work to the town centre during the summer just seems intensely stupid. What reasoning is there against doing it at a time of year where there will be less impact.

Graisg said...

Anon @ 18.54 re planning mistakes. Please could you contact the Gurn with sources for the information you have and re what shopkeepers said - again sources please - eg minutes of meetings etc.