Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Asbestos in Schools: Parliamentry debate and BBC "Inside Out" programme. 25th March.

The debate and the BBC program will no doubt be watched by many Nairnites:

Here's the information from the Asbestos in Schools site.

BBC 1 "Inside Out" are running a report on asbestos in schools on 25 March at about 7.30pm. The report can be seen in most regions and follows the Parliamentary debate.

Parliamentary debate On 25th March 2009 at 4pm a Parliamentary debate will take place in Westminster Hall on the topic of “Asbestos in schools.” The Speaker specifically choose this debate amongst many others put forward by MP’s. Paul Rowen MP, the Liberal Democrat Shadow Spokesman on Work and Pensions will lead the debate, which will be answered by the Minister.

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