Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Academy reopening in stages

Thanks to anon and Nairnlass for info:
Message on school phone service from the rector advising school will be open Wednesday for 4th, 5th and 6th years and on Thursday 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th years.
You can listen to the message yourself on Highland Council schools phone service where you dial in on 08700 546 999 then enter the nairn academy code of 042 700 then choose option 3 for general messages. There will be further updates on that number.
UPDATE: meanwhile the Inverness Courier has now published a highly critical editorial article analysing the situation and giving further background to what happened. It is entitled 'Worthless policies' and you can read it here.

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Anonymous said...

Disruption likely for some time see below on HRC news release page
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Nairn Academy Update (03/03/09)
Pupils in secondary 4, 5 and 6 will return to Nairn Academy tomorrow (Wednesday) as the clean up continues after dust and debris were found in the upper floor of the school following weekend roof works.

Secondary 3 pupils will return on Thursday and Secondary 2 pupils on Friday.

Due to the extent and nature of the debris, it is likely that the maths and computing rooms will remain out of commission for the next three or four weeks.

Arrangements for schooling next week will be confirmed later in the week.

The school was closed to all pupils at noon on Monday after debris was found in the maths and computing classrooms and upper floor concourse.

Contractors had been working at the weekend on preparing the roof for the installation of 24 solar panels. The vibration of the works resulted in damage to the ceiling and the release of dust and debris.

Air and dust sampling in the affected area has identified no evidence of asbestos within the air space but asbestos has been found in flakes of artex debris on the floor. The presence of asbestos in artex is known but presents a low risk to health.

Discussions are ongoing within the school to determine a clean-up programme which minimises disruption to the working of the school.

The Council has advised the Health and Safety Executive of the incident and of its plans to deal with the contamination.