Wednesday, March 25, 2009

All Fishertown loon ever really wanted comes true! Well nearly, but not in the Fishertown yet.

Recently Fishertown loon had a wee gurn about those gurning about litter. The public spirited Gurnite took us all to task he said in another thread:

'Instead of expecting others (The Council) to clean up after us why can we not take on the responsibility for ourselves (saving money all round)Have a campaign or area working groups doing something about the problem, even if it only to encourage some respect for our town again.Asking our kids/family members to do something positive (like cleaning up after themselves)no matter how small the contribution its better than spending the time on here "gurning" about the issue and expecting the man from the council "who I pay my council tax for to do the job for me".It's our town - not just the Council's - getting rid of 4 councillors or even all of the Highland Councillors won't stop any of the problems continuing!"It is our problem we make the mess""Go on I dare you all" start area community groups - get involved -2hrs a week - make a difference to where you live - make it our problem too..!What the hell - now't else is working other than the gurning..!I will gladly give up two hours a week I spend on the PC and do my bit if anyone else will, beats "gurning" and it's healthyWant to join me...!'
Well last night the value for money Suburban Community Council announced that a spring clean-up of their area starting on the 25th of April and then continuing the following week in various locations after the initial clean-up of the Tradespark Wood. Equipment will be provided and young people are being encouraged to take part. A member of the public stated that this could be a model for a future Royal Burgh Community Council to take up throughout the town. Another example of the citizens doing it for themselves.

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