Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Food glorious food

A recent item in the Gurn about Nairn Academy being evacuated due to fire has seen the start of a thread/debate about litter allegedly being dropped by academy students.
A comment was made that burger vans sit outside the school each day whilst money is being spent in schools to promote healthy eating. 
A recent report in the Inverness Courier says that fewer pupils are taking up school meals, and as can be seen in Nairn, many are wandering out of school at lunchtime for a dose of their favourite fast food.
Here is the start of the problem; fast food is served in paper and wrappers some of which is ending up on our streets rather than a bin once the food is finished. Many Nairn traders offer special lunchtime deals for students but I doubt many take on the responsibility for the litter they in effect sell (Should they?)
Meanwhile back in school the food that the Government says we should eat is being wholeheartedly rejected. Some schools have banned pupils from leaving the premises at lunchtimes in order to try and tackle the issue; famously this was once met with parents pushing burgers and chips through school railings.
Clearly it is a problem that needs to be tackled or school canteens will close and even more fast food wrappers will line our streets.

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Anonymous said...

I am sick and tired reading comments about the litter and still it goes on Those people living in nearby have suffered for years with papers and bottles in their gardens. I know there is a street cleaner who does a very good job but sometimes he comes before the kids go for their carryouts. What good is this? And he is not here every day. I am ashamed to walk in this area with visitors. I don't know what the answer is. I think it's too late. Parents should have taught their children not to litter when they were young.