Thursday, April 09, 2009

Nairn twinned with Curacao?

An avid Gurnite has been browsing the brand new Nairn Leisure Guide and has drawn our attention to page 51 of the said document. In fact so industrious is our researcher that a picture on that page has come under our researcher’s magnifying glass. Get a copy of the leisure guide for yourself and examine the picture. Someone has used a photo of a young couple browsing a postcard rack in an effort, no doubt, to demonstrate that Nairn is an attractive tourist destination. Well thanks to our Gurnite regular we can reveal that this photo also appears on this website and the mouse over legend states: ‘Postcard shopping, Curacao.’ The image seems to be the property of So that’s your task for the day fellow gurnites, get a copy of the leisure guide and compare the piccie on page 51 with the website link above.
Apart from that the leisure guide looks pretty good this year but no doubt dozens of gurnites are already checking every last detail as we speak. Here's hoping for a good season!


Anonymous said...

Good evening fellow Nairnites. I too have been perusing the said booklet and that pic is definatly not of Nairn. Also on other pages are shops that don't look like anything we have here. Very upsetting that a publication that deems to enhance the town and is using money from our hard-cash-strapped businesses, has to stoop so low as not even to use good local pics. Other photos also show places like the old King Street tourist office still open for business and not boarded up as it is now. Where is your shame!!

Graisg said...

Despite the use of at least one photo library picture and the use one other small picture that looks in the direction of the former tourist office, the Gurnmeister would argue that this is quite an attractive brochure. Let's show all the boarded up premises and see how many visitors we get. If these things work at all (a big if?)it may attract visitors to Nairn, or it may sit on dusty shelves throughout the year until consigned to the blue recycling boxes later on.
Yes, maybe nextime a picture of someone looking at the postcards outside Occasions?
The ultimate judges of the brochure will be those that pay for it, if they withdraw their advertising in future years it simply won't happen.

Nairn said...

I wish this year’s Nairn Leisure Guide well despite the questionable photos. It is important that we try and across the best images of Nairn that we possibly can, for the guide is an important window that gives tourists a taste of our town.
From memory (Poor!) the guide has always suffered a little from out of date photos. I’m sure many of us have good photos of Nairn, but would it be pushing the boat out too much to suggest that a photographer is hired one sunny afternoon to get some good shots for next year’s brochure? Whoever produces the guide will do a much better job for us if they are not having to rely on stock photography and will then hopefully produce something that we are all proud of, mind you, we wouldn’t have much to gurn about then!