Monday, April 13, 2009

Nairn still needs a by-pass!

It's rather quiet on the Nairn needs a bypass site, nothing posted since the ninth of March. That's an eternity in blog terms. Any news Graham? Not quiet on the A96 though, the tail-backs seem to be a permanent feature of town centre life.


eye of hawk said...

Great photo, showing if I'm not mistaken Tescos and Asda home delivery vans passing Somerfields.
Maybe some sensible Nairn shoppers had decided to shell out on the home service so they could enjoy the weather rather than sit on the A96 today!

growtosow said...

you could be right on that one and the by pass still overdue. you would get more speed with a horse and cart. come to think of it. not that long ago thats all we had on the roads of nairnshire and lots of manure still the same.

Jane Harkiss said...

Try sittin in the bloody Blackwall Tunnel for an hour and a half because some twat of a Lorry driver can't read the height restriction sign! Traffic Jams??! you don't know you're born...!
Apologies for ranting, I am still taking the tablets. PXX