Monday, April 20, 2009

Pig Street: a question from Hamish

Hamish is wondering if anyone can help? Why and when did Pig Street become Pig Street?

'My Grandparents lived in "Pig Street" and my father was born in a cottage there at the end of the nineteenth century. Until she died in 1961 I sent cards to Granny on her birthday and at Christmas for lots of years and these were addressed to Cumberland Avenue. Although the road was referred to as Pig Street by a large majority of townsfolk I'd suggest that few knew of it as Cumberland Avenue. Any knowledge of when the name was changed and why? I believe it was Granny who said that the Duke of Cumberland passed along the road one day before the battle of Culloden.She also said that the last man to be hanged in Inverness was seen in the road soon before his arrest. ' Hamish.

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