Sunday, April 19, 2009

Asbestos in schools, more worrying information

Carole Hagerdon is a teacher dying from mesothelioma, contracted after 'working in schools for 34 years', according to the Times website. She recently spoke on the subject to the Nasuwt teaching union conference. The interview with her carries some worrying statistics. It is easy to be accused of scaremongering on this issue but the Gurn recommends that those interested in the subject read the article for themselves. Asbestos in schools is an issue that won't go away.
Here are a selection of previous Gurn articles that mention the situation at Nairn Academy.
UPDATE: comment received from 'concerned parent'.
'Carole Hagerdon is a very brave individual to speak out the way she has done. It is only through people like her who is facing the inevitable dreadful consequences of her exposure to this deadly material that politicians will be made to listen to the evidence which appears to be more compelling by the day that there is a risk to our children and school staff.The Gurn points out that the media can be accused of scaremongering but rightly recommends those interested read the article for themselves and reach their own conclusions. Let's not apologise for people trying to better educate themselves about issues concerning the health of their children and indeed the people in whose care they are entrusted.We all need to take this issue seriously and not brush it under the carpet which is what the government would wish us to do. '

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