Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Nairn Book and Arts Festival

With just one month to go till the first event, tickets for this years festival are now on sale at the Nairn book shop, Nairn Community Centre, and on-line through the Booth.
Guests, include renowned chef Albert Roux, garden expert Kenneth Cox and winemaker Pat Atkinson.
Book early as most shows quickly sell out.

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Jane Harkiss said...

Pookie is delighted to announce, that she & a some chums will be gracing this year's book n arts fest! Yipee, I hear you wimper. Should be OK, so long as she's not bunged on last, with too much time to kill, leaving nothing else for her to do, but drink the bar dry. Ah, the devil finds work for idle hands - as I for one, should know!! Fear not, I shall be on hand to mop up as per!
Love n kisses, Dr Lecter XXX