Sunday, May 17, 2009

Break-in at Parkdean Caravan site

The Caravan site is very busy at the moment and the manager of the Parkdean Lochloy site is even quoted in the national press to that effect.
'Keith Kirkham, general manager of Parkdean's Nairn Lochloy caravan site in Invernessshire, said bookings were up by 30 per cent. He said: "We have six parks in Scotland and all are chock-full.'
More on how more people are taking holidays in Scotland on the Sunday Mail site.
The Gurn has learnt however, that the site's entertainment and administration complex had a visitor(s) that they could have well done without in the early hours of Friday morning. Someone climbed onto the roof, removed a few tiles, went through a ceiling and made off with the contents of the building's cash machine. The Gurn understands that sensors in the building may have been previously disabled.


Jane Harkiss said...

Caravans...Mmmm...perfect for shagging in

Jane Harkiss said...

Am I the only girl in this town that has a caravan fetish goin on? Or are you all just too shy to admit it? C'mon girls! Think about it - nylon curtains, very narrow beds, you can make as much noise as you like, safe in the knowledge that everyone within a 10 mile radius is going to be party to your lovemaking. OK, so you might end up with a few scrapes & bruises, but so what?!! PXX