Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Better with a local loon and Gurn reader?

The Gurnmeister has heard it said more than once that dealing with Deveron Homes and Cawdor Estates is just like chalk and cheese. In other words the consultation Cawdor are willing to have with the local community over their Delnies development is spot on compared with the way the Deveron went about the process. Deveron's preceived lack of consultation was reflected in the decision today (other developers interested in Nairn please note!)
Well Lord Cawdor came into town in two capacities today. On the one hand he was here as an objector to the Sandown proposal and on the other as an applicant with a small housing development on the site of the former piggery at Boghole farm steadings. His application was accepted. The plans looked quite impressive with a lot of emphasis on improving the environment around the site.
Planning goes better with locals involved?


Jane Harkiss said...

Lawdy, lawdy! Let me just remove my dustbin hat, so's I can tug me forelock! Beggin' ur pardon, m'lud.

Graisg said...

You don't have to do that in the 21st Century Pookie.

And as for anon with the £ sign comments, too cynical even for the Gurn :-)

Anonymous said...

planning goes better with locals?

depends what day of the week it is