Tuesday, May 05, 2009

The Maggot Campaign

The Gurn supports the campaign of Allan Barron and Provost Liz to retain the name 'Maggot Road'. Currently a poll over on the Gurn on Sunday shows support for the retention of the historic name at 92% for, 5% against, and 2% don't care. Looks like overwhelming support from Gurnites. By the way campaign t-shirts are available at Concept Gifts.
Soon the Gurn hopes to have a few campaign posters that can be downloaded. In the meantime if anyone has ideas of how to help the campaign please get in touch through the e-mail in the sidebar.


Anonymous said...

I think council money and time would be better spent on needy topics rather than the name of a street that the locals will still refer to as Maggot road no matter what they decide to call it.
If a turist stops and asks for directions to Magot road he will get there if they ask for something else they will get misguided.

Jane Harkiss said...

Respect due, anonymouse! Have a Bacardi Breezer on me!