Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Inverness High Street on the slip too?

The Gurn has previously commented on the number of empty premises in parts of Inverness's Old Town. Now is Inverness High Street itself falling victim to the Eastgate, Golden Mile and other out of town stores? The signs seem to be spreading.
Elsewhere in the Nairn blogosphere tonight Brian is having a go at the Nairnshire and in response to that article Nairnbairn is suggesting that Iain Bain may have let the real big story go by. Why not pop over and tell Brian and Nairnbairn what you think about this week's Nairnshire. Over at Nairnmatters there is an appeal for trade, got anything you want them to have a pop at? The Nairn bypass campaign is going through a fallow period, Pookie is quiet too and Bill could well be back from Spain now. On the plot the polytunnel is the current topic. The perplexing question for the Gurnmeister tonight is, is Newsbleat really a Nairn Blog? Yet another Nairn based topic has appeared.

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Jane Harkiss said...

S'Ok darlings, Pookie still on the radar, even if she has been shot down in flames! Man problems, love - nothing serious! Chin up & dont let the buggers grind you down XX