Tuesday, May 05, 2009

A free monthly community magazine on the way

'Spotlight on Nairn' will be dropping through our letterboxes next month. This magazine will have a free 'what's on' section for community groups and offers other services. You can find out more about this new venture on the 'Spotlight on website.'
Ultimately the success of this magazine will depend on the amount of advertising it attracts. The Gurnmeister remembers a free newspaper that covered Nairnshire. That free weekly paper came and went and maybe it failed because it couldn't attract the advertising revenue or perhaps there were other reasons for its demise. It remains to be seen if this venture will succeed in Nairn. We already have the ICA magazine which is packed with Inverness based information and events. Could a new monthly magazine create a new advertising market rather than compete with existing ones? The spotlight team already produce magazines for Elgin and Forres so perhaps a bit of content from the East might be a very good thing and save us from becoming even more Invercentric.

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Jane Harkiss said...

Great! Will there be any glamour modelling slots available? Only I really do need to find some form of gainful employment. Being a semi-retired porn star these days ain't easy, y'know. PX