Friday, May 01, 2009

Not everyone wants a Sainsbury's

Yes we've been there before but in the interests of democracy we are willing to publish what we consider to be a minority opinion. We could be wrong of course, there may well be a mob outside the public inquiry chanting 'No Sainsburys!' Anyway fellow Gurnites here's a contribution from JL

'Page five of this weeks Nairnie sports an ad for voting to support Sainsburys Planning Application.
What vehicle may I ask is there if one does not wish to support it, or even if one has set ones' bonnet dead against such a carbunkle. Or is it possible that one has to take a leaf out of Maggie Thatchers jotter and assume that a vote not cast is a vote against...... Now supposing there are still 4000 or so copies of the Nairnie printed and say the good fowk of Nairn return about oh...50 maybe 100? then that would be 3900 or so against.
The NRCC are not representing me at the inquiry.
More traffic on an already overstretched road.
It will take longer to get to Balmakeith from Tradespark than it will take to get to Inshes or the Retail Park especially when the lights at Merryton fail again along with the havoc caused by the traffic trying to get oot of Maggot Road - more lights?
Reduction in local choice when the High Street and Somerfields close up shop - pardon the pun!
Rejuvenate and regenerate OUR Town centre - thats what the true born and bred locals want. Repeating the mistakes made elsewhere is not going to improve oor wee toon.'


Spurtle said...

I don't think anyone could argue about the need for an improved supermarket in Nairn, its location is the main point of contention in this case though. That's a matter for the Public Inquiry now -we'll just have to wait and see.

The one thing I would question though is the behaviour of some on the NRCC. I was always under the impression that a Community Council was there to distil the feelings of the people of their area on any given matter, and, on planning matters, duly convey those to the authorities.

Now , I have no doubt that a lot of people do support Sainsbury's , just as quite a lot don't - but I fail to see how the Community Council remit seems to have suddenly stretched to include 'touting' for support for Sainsburys at the inquiry.

Obviously this is being driven by one or two individuals but such Sainsburyphiles should be careful -people are taking notice ,and such behaviour risks potentially damaging the reputation of not just the NRCC but all the Community Councils in the area

BORN & BRED said...

Could it be "True Born And Breds"just want to be left alone and get back to the way Nairn used to be.?

Graisg said...

Not at all worried by the position of the NRCC on this Spurtle. Now in what is perhaps the twilight year/s of its existence it is time to remember their achievments over the years. At times they have been the only candle in the darkness around which public discontent with the powers that be could gather. Our own Provost Liz cut her political teeth in this forum along with former councillor David Fraser.
Well done NRCC, your day is probably nearly done but thanks for all the hard, unpaid, work

ostrich said...

Oh! What a load of "Spurtleite"

Graisg said...

Now, now, keep calm Gurnites. Just head for the public inquiry with the banner of your choice.

Nairn quine said...

I am all in favour for another supermarket in town. We refer to Inverness as Tesco town, but in fact Nairn has become Co-op town. what with Morning Noon and Night, Co-op in the High Street, out at Tradespark Stores and now Somerfield being taken over. Doesn't leave a lot of choice for us Nairn (Gurn) ites, does it really?

Anonymous said...

I don't doubt the need for another supermarket either, but it needs to be the correct size, in the correct location, and this proposal is for neither.

It is disrespectful to to town of Nairn and it's regeneration of the town centre, disrespectful of the traffic situation, disrespectful of the residential area it will neighbour, disrespectful of the landscape and will not even offer competition as Sainsburys are so over priced.

Anonymous said...

I agree that Sainsburys is not the best of shops to locate in Nairn.
Although, we DO need another supermarket, town centre is the ideal position.
The older community prefer to shop in the town centre where they regulary meet their friends, lunch club etc.

Sainsburys is loved by incomers (with plenty money), not by Nairnites who survive on a budget.
My conclusion is that some people would get the benifit of a new Sainsburys store but most will not as Somerfield is a MUCH cheaper option for all ages.

Sainsbury For U said...

Are you not being disrespectful to the vast majority of "Nairn Folk"who want Sainsburys in the town.Or are you just a natural "Anonymous Gurner"

James Logan Ralph said...

I am so glad that "Sainsburys For U" agrees with JL - We do need another supermarket and as he says it should be IN the toon not on the peripheries, but I am not so prejudice or narrow minded to discard any of the providers.

Graisg said...

@anon (07.29 p.m.): if you want to say all that about Sainsburys and the developer then open your own blog and do it.
The anti Sainsbury's faction have had a good run on this thread but not everything will get published, however in the digital democracy anyone can set up a blog or a web site these days if they feel so strongly about an issue.

Anonymous said...

If it is gererally agreed that it is wanted it in the town, why don't they respect the wishes and put it in the town? If they planned to put it in the town I doubt there would be as much objection and bad feeling

Graisg said...

For further information on what or wasn't generally agreed please read this thread.There was nearly a riot on the day but the eventual decision reflected the views of the community.

Spurtle said...

Certainly gets folks going this one :)

Going back to my original post, I should perhaps try again , and I'll leave Sainburys out of the debate completely.

I am personally well aware of the amount of work undertaken by Community Coucils. That experience leads me to the concerns I've voiced that the expression of such vocal support for any developers proposals genuinely has the potential to damage the reputation of any Council that does it.

The role of a Community Council
(these days more than ever) is to illuminate the local Highland councillors as to the feelings of the people, as those regional councillors inevitably get more and more detached.

Generally, I would say the sentiments of the people are reflected in the opinions expressed by the NRCC, or the other Nairn Community Councillors but I just have fears that a policy that has seen adverts in the local paper, canvassing support for a national developer, take the Community Council away from its core basis of being independent.

Who pays for any adverts seeking support for a developer? Surely it can't be the developer but, if it is the Community Council itself - Is that a suitable use of its funds?

It's a sort of unease; a discomfort at the thought of doing the developers work for him. It wouldn't matter to me if it was Sandown Lands, Tornagrain, or wherever - it's the principle

Graisg said...

Thanks for that Spurtle, I think this thread needs to go back to the top in the near future too.