Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Tonight's Ward Forum and Nairnshire Partnership double header at the Courthouse

Lots of interesting debate tonight, finished early for once (19.34). Sheena Baker's interrogation of the powers that be on the £2,000,000 Community Centre debt came in equal first with the Maggot Road question in terms of drama and public participation, Sandown was discussed too and other subjects. It was interesting, more folk should give it a try. Nice to see representitives from the newly constituted West Community Council contributing too. Quote of the night from the public benches: ' We should get Joanna Lumley up here'.
More later, it is now such a nice evening after the wet day that a trip to see the swans beckons. Word is that one of the cygnets is no longer with us, having been left behind or separated from its parents it sadly died despite efforts to reunite it with the adult swans.

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Anonymous said...

Joanna Lumley,No thanks! Nairn has enough problems at the moment.