Friday, May 08, 2009

'Protestors pledge to raise stakes in Sandown planning row'

The Inverness Courier has an article (not on line yet) about the Sandown Planning hearing.

'Protestors against plans for a controversial new town centre and business park on the western outskirts of Nairn have vowed to ask serious questions of Scottish ministers if they do not take the plans to a public inquiry.'

You'll have to get hold of a copy of the paper to read the rest but one more sentence: ' Members of the public are expected to turn out en masse to the planning meeting at Nairn Community Centre on Tuesday.'

It's important Gurnites - Will you be there?

The Highland Council is run by an Independent/Lib/Lab alliance. Soon those two political parties in that coalition will come looking for our votes. It might help their respective causes if their councillors listen to the people of Nairn on Tuesday.

Update, Inverness Courier article now on-line here.


Anonymous said...

When is it on?

Graisg said...

10.00 a.m. See you there :-)

Jane Harkiss said...

Me too! I love a good ruck, me X

Jane Harkiss said...

Lookng forward to using questionable language and meeting you anonymouse & Graisg! What are you going to wear? Pooks XX

Jane Harkiss said...

I will be on my very bestest behaviour. Promise. And I have never, ever dissed Sainsbury's. Not never. P XX

Graisg said...

I'm led to understand that popular feeling among those objectors that plan to speak at the hearing is that the rest of us make our presence felt but in an orderly, peaceful way.
They don't want a repeat of the Courthouse à la Sainsbury application.
gu socair, sìtheil a chairdean :-)