Monday, May 04, 2009

Provost will miss Sandown planning hearing

It's billed as the 'Sandown Showdown' on the front page of this week's Nairnshire. Provost Liz will not be there unfortunately, she had booked holidays last December. A bitterly disappointed Liz told the Gurn:

'On 12th May the Sandown application will be heard in Nairn and although my apologies are in my frustration about the meeting taking place when I'm out of the country will not be conveyed. It was too late to change the date as notification had been sent out and community centre booked - I'm furious to miss it - one of the most important applications to come to Nairn in recent times and probably the only planning meeting I've ever not been able to attend.'
To read more about this controversial outline planning permission hearing join the queue at your local newsagent's now! There is an editorial in the Nairnshire too. The Gurn has already urged all those worried about the future of our town to attend in this thread here.


Anonymous said...

If Liz was that comitted she would attend at all costs

Anonymous said...

As she probably knows the outcome already.She can then say "it wisnae me".I was away on holiday.