Friday, May 29, 2009

Would you miss the psychedelic boards?

It was stated at the Nairn Partnership meeting that the look of the town as you pass through on the A96 had led to a 'Brixton of the North' comment from a tourist, with this in mind it is perhaps imperative that something happens to rectify the situation as quickly as possible.
The Visit Nairn initiative to give the Regal a quick makeover is a great idea. If it happens could we have the existing makeover psychedelic boards relocated, they too make an excellent backdrop, it's a pity the building they are sited on seems to be disintegrating. Picture will enlarge.


Anonymous said...

Definitely a good idea to retain them - perhaps use them within the old Rosebank Church if we can get that redeveloped into something, too :)

- Brian

Anonymous said...

Suggestion was made in a previous Gurn about having a competition to get some more art work done. Get the schools, Art Society, Blue Room etc involved. Make a feature of what we have because, let's face it, we'll probably be stuck with these decaying buildings for a long time.

Nairn said...

If the throwaway remark about Brixton is supposed to make us feel bad I can assure Nairnites that in terms of community and council action Nairn is nothing like the Brixton I knew when I lived there in the late 70’s, and more the pity.
Despite all the social problems no building remained empty in Brixton for any length of time, even if it meant it was squatted (At least it was being used). Many empty patches of land were turned into community gardens or small play areas; there simply wasn’t the waste that we see in Nairn as our landowners and council stall over what is to be done.
Lambeth Council (Brixton) weren’t afraid of compulsory purchase if necessary, and even the old picture house reopened as a cinema. Brixton councillors may have had a hard time from the community but we worked hand in hand and at the end of the day we had a better place to live.

As for sticking attractive boards over our problems in Nairn, well yes we could but are they not just going to look shabby in a couple of years as well? Look at the boards depicting Nairn’s history in the entrance to the Somerfield car park, a great idea and they looked really nice but they’ve not been maintained.
Is there anything we can get right?

Anonymous said...

“Definitely a good idea to retain them - perhaps use them within the old Rosebank Church"

Psychedelic boards in the old Rosebank church? Far out man, Nairn gets a church of dreams, bring on the ink wheels and the tied and dyed for a new summer of love. Drop a tab or two and the whole town will look great

Peace and Love!

Anonymous said...

Careful,with the extra weight of the boards the place might collapse.Maybe it is a good idea.?

growtosow said...

a great shame that these buildings are just left to decay when they could be used this is something that should be looked into asap. why must they remain like this? can we not get the owners do some thing about them its long overdue come on folks lets have a better looking town.

Graisg said...

Cue the Saw Doctors?

'I took off me clothes in the Odeon
Just to watch the Woodstock film
OH me heart is livin' in
The sixties still

J.F.K. was gettin' shot down
When Joe Kelly married Phil
OH me heart is livin' in
The sixties still

Bob Dylan says timed are changin'
But I know they never will
OH me heart is livin' in
The sixties still'

Jane Harkiss said...

PS - thank you, iright, for being level headed and not going down to the base levels of slagging other communities off. I grew up not far from Brixton, and believe me, it ain't all bad, not by a long chalk. Don't diss what you have no experience of. Safe. Bro. etc etc... Pookie is in da house but not for long as it's FRIDAY!!! XX

Jane Harkiss said...

Oh, and before I disappear into the night, ALL the grafitti in Brixton is bloody fine art compared to that load of Bolex. And in case you're thinking of not posting this, 'Bolex' is a make of 16mm cine camera. And not something dingle dangling. Stop not posting Pookie. What are you scared of? What the hell are blogs for anyway?
I'm in the dark. Or should I say, off into the dark! Manana! or maybe the day after the day after that! XX

growtosow said...

just today i was looking at the old filling station and the sparrows are having a great time neasting in the roof of it as a few tiles are broken so it has made a great bird house for them i knew their was a use for these buildings. and they get it rent free what more could a bird ask for and they have a supermarket on their doorstep