Monday, June 08, 2009

Lib Dem win

52,924 votes were cast in Highland in the five-yearly European Parliamentary Elections, a turn out of 30.8%. This included 11,086 postal votes. 

In Highland, the Liberal Democrats topped the poll with 14,550 votes. The Scottish National Party were second with 14,393, the Conservatives were third with 6,728 and Labour were fourth with 5,325.

The Highland result of the Election to the Scotland Region of the European Parliament is as follows:-

Party/Individual Votes cast
British National Party 979
Christian Party “Proclaiming Christ’s Lordship” 1,485
Conservative Party 6,728
Jury Team 275
Liberal Democrats 14,550
No2EU: Yes to Democracy 361
Scottish Green Party 3,806
Scottish National Party (SNP) 14,393
Scottish Socialist Party 336
Socialist Labour Party 596
The Labour Party 5,325
UK Independence Party 3,458
Duncan Robertson 414
Rejected votes 218
Total votes cast 52,924


Graisg said...

Could this neck and neck situation between the LibDems and the SNP result in problems for the incumbent Highland MPs at the General Election? Especially if it came sooner rather than later?

Duck island in a moat said...

The media had this as a protest vote election.
Difficult to know as to how people might vote in the coming general election
The Highlands has been Lib Dem for a long time but maybe there is more support for the Nats now people can see what a mess Westminster is in, and want devolution sooner rather than later?