Sunday, June 14, 2009

Lochloy Road junction traffic lights out again

The traffic lights were out once again at this important junction on the A96. Traffic seemed to be moving smoothly however, with drivers on the A96 even giving way to those wishing to join the main road from the Lochloy housing schemes. Maybe things will continue in the same vein in the morning if the lights are not fixed overnight but Brian seems to think there will be some problems in the morning.


Traffic Warden Holly said...

I have said this before about these lights. Can they not make them peak time lights? Switch them on when schools come out, traffic runs freely when they are not working. Paint a mini roundabout in the middle and there we go.

the Maggot said...

Oh the joy of driving passed Lochloy Road this morning. No delays & ther was no cars waiting to come out of Lochloy Road or Broadhill.

Anonymous said...

it has just taken me 1 hour to get from tradespark to boathpark i wonder why