Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Between a shop and a hard hat

The Nairnshire Telegraph has run a large advert for several weeks now telling us that in the Brae shoppers are welcome, and states that we should not be put off by the streetscape works, the advert has been funded by Highland Council.
For anyone approaching the Brae it would be very hard not to be dissuaded from entering, I’m sure if there were a viable alternative route many folk would use it.
A few inches from where pedestrians tread, construction workers and visitors to the site are protected by hats and florescent jackets. The nature of the work is of quite light construction but nonetheless is noisy, dusty, and makes it somewhere you wouldn't want to go to by choice.
I hope that businesses on the Brae are surviving despite the streetscaping; it is hardly a place for window-shopping these days. If you do venture to look might we suggest similar attire to the construction workers, seems to help keep them safe!

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Jane Harkiss said...

Nice pavement though, very classy. I like the swirly pattern effect. But then, that's just me and I like that sort of thing. Ho hum...X