Wednesday, June 24, 2009

The West Community Council - They seem a very competent lot.

Only a few weeks old now and still finding their feet but that didn’t mean a shortage of items on the agenda: Sainsbury’s, Sandown Lands, Common Good fund, Inner Moray Firth Development Plan, Parking in the West End, and observance of dog restrictions on the Blue Flag beach.
There were printed copies of power point presentations on the Common Good fund (two councillors from the group had attended a seminar in Elgin) and how things should be working if we really were going to get a by-pass.
Yes Gurnites, the team of Rosemary Young, Alison Miller, Graham Vine, Seonaid Armstrong and Jimmy Ferguson mean business and they had some forensic questions for Laurie Fraser and Liz who were present to observe the meeting. They intend to get their teeth into all the issues that impact on their 2,000 plus constituents, be they internal to the area covered by the West Council or those such as the Sandown Lands which will have a massive traffic impact on the West End according to the councillors.

Just to give you a flavour of the meeting here’s a few lines from one of the documents presented:
‘It would appear that an informed discussion on the most effective method of how to manage the Common Good assets on behalf of the Nairn community has not taken place, or if it has it has not been adequately communicated.

Should common good asses be sold off? Land leased or other?

With ownership comes responsibility, who can do that most effectively?’

It bodes well citizens that we have another hard-working team of volunteers ready to fight for the interests of the town. It is encouraging too to see that the West Council pledge their support to efforts to establish a single community council for Nairn.

‘We do pledge our support to co-operate with public consultation on a single Nairn Community Council and to assist with the setting up of such a body, should that be the outcome of the consultation.’

Interesting times ahead!


Anonymous said...

'Should common good asses be sold off?'

I vote we keep the asses even if they are common

Graisg said...

Well spotted anon, you've got the sub-editor's job.
Apologies to all good asses and assets.