Wednesday, June 17, 2009

'It's easier to be better when things are very bad!"

At the inquiry this morning another witness for Saisnbury's was recounting his retail survey data and giving some insight into the theory and practice of his craft. To further explain some of the minutiae of his precognition under questions from his own side's QC (who was no doubt doing an excellent job in closing up avenues for the opposition in advance) he resorted to using a flip chart and started drawing diagrams.
One was about the probabilty of change of shopping habits. It seems there is a resistance to change in the heart and mind of the consumer and often they will endure quite a lot before things become so bad that they change their habits. In Nairn if looks like quite a lot of us would change our habits but not so many if a new Somerfield were also built in the town centre. In Irvine however, very few people are inclined to change their habits, such is the satisfaction with the choice of retail outlets. The witness was searching for the words to make a point when the reporter interjected and did it for him, ' It's easier to be better when things are really bad.'
Doesn't those words of the Reporter just about sum it all up? That's why we want Sainsbury's, they have an open playing field and good luck to them.

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