Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Newsbleat bleats about Sainsbury's

Newsbleat examines the support in Nairn for Sainsbury's:
'And one correspondent tries to argue that most of the businesses in Nairn town centre won't be affected as they are banks, bookies or pubs.
Well that's fine then.
We can't wait for the Nairn High Street of the future - no food retailers but plenty of opportunities to get bladdered and place a bet. '


Anonymous said...

"There seems to be a lot of support for the development, despite the fact it'll encourage yet more shopping by car."

We already are - in Inverness, Forres, Elgin!

- Brian

Anonymous said...

Newsbleat is making the point that currently many folk in Nairn walk (Shock, horror) to the High street in order to do their shopping; maybe you live outside of town Anonymous Brian and have not observed this?
Newsbleat’s comment is questioning whether or not this will still happen if the out of town location for Sainsbury’s becomes a reality. Will the people that now walk or cycle to out town centre just jump in their cars due to the distance/convenience factors?
This is partly the fear of some businesses in the town that they will lose custom, not only through products that Sainsbury’s sell, but will the High Street see the same volume of customer traffic?
From a personal point of view I would hope that the new store would not deter folk from walking as for me this has important social elements as well. Shopping will not be the same if I don’t bump into people and have a good gurn!