Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Rocket Man

As reported in the Gurn, a question mark was put over the tendering process of Highland and Islands Enterprise after they awarded numerous contracts to the company Rocket Science, the chair of HIE Willie Roe being a director of this company.
One report prepared by Rocket Science for HIE was allegedly plagiarized from other academic papers, monies charged for this report were to be returned.
HIE have announced today a
review of the tendering process with Rocket Science, and it is believed that the chairman Willie Roe has severed all ties with the company.


Anonymous said...

Not a white wash in the slightest, then.

- Brian

Anonymous said...

The BBC carries a further report on the subject

However questionable the HIE tendering process was, it was found to be above board.

Rocket Science claim that less contracts were put their way whilst Mr Roe was in post at HIE.

Perhaps against expectation Willie Roe has resigned all his business interests with Rocket Science in order to maintain his public work.

So no wrongdoing has been found, and Mr Roe has certainly acted very honourably, hardly a ‘whitewash’?