Thursday, June 04, 2009

New County signings

Seems to have been a Highland News exclusive. It's in the paper but not up on the site it seems. A gurnite tells us:
'Nairn County have made another two signings Craig Campbell (midfielder) and Ally Ridgers (goalkeeper) from Elgin City. County have already signed David Hind and Steven Mackay from Elgin.'
Here's looking forward to a big day out somewhere in the Qualifying Cup?


Jane Harkiss said...

I would dearly love to be able to say something meaningful about football. But, having spent my very, very early years, practically next door to crystal palace ground, I have enough material to be going on with, thank you so much - and, good luck, in the...erm...finals?...or whatever..

Anonymous said...

Pookie we would all dearly love you to say something meaningful about anything!

Graisg said...

I thought the carbon foot-print up the arse was worthy of consideration of at least semi-meaningful status.