Sunday, June 20, 2010


In the same way that a few derelict buildings can give the wrong impression of Nairn, there are a few eyesores in the centre of Ardersier that must do little more than hurry the visitor along to Fort George or other destinations.
It is harder to get to and from Ardersier by public transport now as the Nairnshire Telegraph recently revealed. It is a shame really as perhaps more folk from the village might want to come to Nairn once we get a Sainsbury's. Perhaps the powers that be want to point us all in the direction of Inverness?


Anonymous said...

North Tyneside Council have the right idea about getting rid of High Street eye sores with fake shop fronts.

growtosow said...

reminds me of nairn only we have more of them so will need a lot more fake shop fronts and bigger as well. one of the shops could be the HC one it sells you ideas on how too waste money on a 101 things we do not need or do not want. any ideas give it too them but their a again i am. sure they are not short of a few