Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Right wing press gunning for Danny?

So Danny Alexander didn't pay some tax because he knew how to slip through a loop-hole. Anyone else in Nairn ever done that? The Telegraph and now the Mail seem to be taking pot-shots at him. Are they simply trying to attack the ConDem coalition however? Their tactics to undermine Danny might be having some effect if you analyse a few 'vox pops' in the Inverness Courier today. Danny's meteoric rise to political fame is obviously a double edged-sword and his career will obviously either proceed magnificently or he'll crash to the ground if the wings melt from flying too close to the sun. Interesting times.
Today the Mail states:
'New Treasury minister Danny Alexander has charged taxpayers more than £13,000 for his wife to make 62 journeys between London and Scotland.
The Chief Secretary, who stepped in after David Laws resignation for abusing his expenses, ran up the highest bill of any MP for using the little-known perk last year.
Mr Alexander's wife, 35-year-old magazine writer Rebecca Hoar, used public money to travel between Westminster and their family home in the North-East Highlands.
The average cost of the trips – by rail and by air – between London and Inverness was £209'
Big deal, he's trying to lead a normal family life between the big city and Aviemore where he has his first home. If the right-wing press have any real dirt on Danny then they should put up or shut up.
Here in Nairn there are those who are upset that they voted for Danny and received a Tory government, that will be the first hurdle that Danny and his fellow LibDems have to get over and of course Nairn LibDemmery has to answer for its part in sacking Liz MacDonald. Of course no one knows just how the coming brutal cuts will pan out over the next few years. With ConDem Danny, one of the chief lumberjacks now and LibDems in Glenurquhart Road preparing for the massacre that lies ahead then ultimately that party might suffer badly every time Nairnites go near a ballot box.


Anonymous said...

The same edition of the DT which reported on the 'story' about CGT contained tips for readers on how to avoid CGT.

Anonymous said...

I frequently travel between down south and the Highlands by rail and air and the average for my travel is around the £100 mark. I think that Mrs Alexander may not have been getting the best value for us taxpayers