Monday, May 31, 2010

Monday night local press review – ‘Lizgate’ hasn’t died down yet!

Page 1 of the P&J this morning and now Page 1 of the local paper tonight, Liz’s sacking is still hitting the headlines 21 days after the three administration members did the dirty. Are Graham Marsden and Sandy Park giving a different reason for Liz’s sacking? Judge for yourself by digesting all the latest details on the front page of this week’s 12 pager. A letter inside too calling for ‘Direct action to remove Ward 19’s ruling junta.’ Nairn’s ‘Summer of Discontent’ continues apace. Whatever Laurie does over the next couple of years, it seems the way he got the chain will weigh just as heavily around his provostship as the chain will around his neck.

Rosemary Young has a letter in the Nairnshire and is dismayed at the seagulls crapping all over the High Street. Sometimes the rain is very handy Rosemary, without it the whole town would turn white very quickly. Alistair Cunningham has a letter detailing the Save Rait Castle campaign and there is a letter too on Sandown issues. A ticking off for the Nairnshire from the Chairman of the Planning, Environment & Development Committee of Highland Council. Iain Bain is having none of it however and you’ll soon find out why in this week’s editorial.

Details of an uncertain future for the APT group (Association for Planning Transparency) on page 2 and on Page 3 news of Sainsbury and Co-op matters or the lack of any progress on both fronts. Saturday is a big day if you want to meet your Holyrood and Westminster members, both of them are holding surgeries in the Community Centre, Danny in the morning and Fergus in the afternoon. Lots more in this week’s paper, waiting for you in the morning at a newsagent’s or local Co-op outlet - apart from the new one that hasn't been built yet.

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