Sunday, May 16, 2010

Comment of the week

Once more by popular request:

'Bless ma cotton semmit just back fae the holidays we ma female gurner & had a wee butchers at The Nairnie to catch up on the gossip & the front page news story wiz that 3 glaigit mannies named Park, Fraser, Marsden hiv sent a letter tae oor awfea fine wifie Provost Liz wee that bonnie belly sacking her, this has got the misses dander up & she is in a hellava mood & after watching a thing abboot The Spice Girls a few years ago on the box all aboot girl power she is a woman possesed & hell no man is safe so
I have to keep her on a leash ben the hoose because she is after revenge for what they have done to The Kingsteps Lassie so i just hope she does not bump into to Sandy, Laurie & Graham, hold the front page again The Nairnie.'

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Wild Woman said...

Michty Mee what a tizzie aboot Oor
Lizie just a wee progress report on the state of the good lady wifes state o mind at the moment she is still fair fizzen its nae deein ma bowels any good as our telly has jast broke doon & she has just phoned the electrical shopie on the high street & i am fairt Mr Fraser will visit the hoose to mend it cause he is in for a hellava shock if her indoors gets her hands on him, & there is more a consoomer problem needs to be sorted oot & she has an appointment we CAB hope to hell Mr Marsdens nae thair when she drops in also she is on The Dunbar Golf Coarse every day hoping to catch Mr Park & grab his balls whits worrying me will it be the ains thats attached to him or the wee white roond things,
hell the is nothing worse than a wimmun scorned, but she has been
a good quine this week so i dinna think she will make the front o The Nairnie.