Monday, May 03, 2010

Monday Night Local Press Review

The Nairnshire splashes with Swimming Pool news – Pool ‘under used and poorly managed’ – says swimming club. The swimming club news extends to page 2 and also most of page 3. Essential reading for those campaigning to save the pool. There’s a letter on the same subject too.

The middle pages give you all you need to know and more on the candidates in the General Election in this constituency. The recent attacks on seagulls features too. More criticism of the Highland Council over their ‘Citizens’ Panel’ and did the Highland Council take over the Ward Forum on Tuesday night? Liz and others were not very happy that time to debate important matters such as a single Community Council for Nairn were curtailed due to what Liz feels was ‘hijacking’. It does seem that ward forums always seem to hear from officials quite a lot, thus cutting down the time for the community councillors and the ordinary punters to have their say and it was very bad indeed that the community councils issue received such a small amount of time. Many that were present feel that the CC consultation provides a chance for Nairn to get a better deal with a ‘Royal Burgh of Nairn Community Council’ for the town.

There’s plenty more in the Nairnshire this week folks, a bumper 16 page edition awaits you in the morning. Page 10 has news of a Nairn loon that will benefit from a generous scholarship. Lots of pictures too, among the images, bairns from Millbank on Page 1 and Rosebank on page 4. The Ward Forum events dominate however, don’t miss out take a hammer to the piggy bank now and have your 40p ready for a rush down to the shops tomorrow.

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