Monday, May 24, 2010

Oidhche mhath

 Picture will enlarge a little


more than half empty mon said...

Just A Perfect Day,
Drink Buckie In The Park,
And Then Later, When It Gets Dark,
We Go Home.
Just A Perfect Day,
Feeding Ducks In The Zoo
Then Later, A Movie, Too,
And Then Home.

Oh It's Such A Perfect Day,
I'm Glad I Spent It With You.
Oh Such A Perfect Day,
You Just Keep Me Hanging On,
You Just Keep Me Hanging On.

growtosow said...

sting said message in a bottle i am sending out an sos. what about save our pool.

Cheers said...

Drink Drink have a drink on me
now we have a Provost Laurie
its enough to give you the staggers
sitting hear we ma lagers
hell this day is nae lucky
there goin to ban The Buckie
its really really gettin me doon
whats happening tae this Toon
to hell we it why be glum
im awa oot for a tot o rum
Ps whem im oot will get a bottle o Old Spice for Saturdays Hug Day
it gets the qunes goin ye ken.