Thursday, May 27, 2010

Nairn an SNP hotspot?

We've often thought here at the Gurn that SNP support in Nairn has been strong and solid for many years. The Scotsman in an article about redrawing the Holyrood constituencies speculates about Fergus's seat being split. Lochaber and Badenoch are joining Skye:
'The rest of Mr Ewing's constituency will make up a separate Inverness and Nairn constituency – another seat that will be a fight between the Nationalists and Lib Dems. Inverness tends to be good for the Lib Dems, while Nairn is an SNP hotspot.'
One ponders too Graham Marsden's LibDemmery involvement in ambushing/bushwhacking Liz - will it have a slightly toxic legacy for the LibDems in Nairnshire?

Full article here.


Wee Eck said...

Perhaps SNP Liz was too hot to handle for her fellow councillors and hence her Provost posting was rubbed out? We now have a 'yes man' appointed as Provost who is unlikely to speak out against the Inverness administration when the cuts start. Nairn has lost the voice of support from Liz as our Provost, and as a result Nairn will suffer

But we have a problem Nairn - STV!

Despite three councillors making a decision that could send them out to the wilderness, could the Single Transferrable Vote mean that no matter how we vote they will still keep their feet under the political table?

I can only see one solution, we need new prospective councillors to stand (SNP?).
Could we then see Nairn being represented by SNP councillors, it would make for interesting times

What The Eck said...

Just what the doctor ordered.Lets have an "SNP Hotspot Summer".

Nattie dread said...

It started with a hug!