Sunday, May 02, 2010

Swimming Pool discussion at Ward Forum

We continue with a few statements made by Highland Councillor Graham Marsden on Tuesday night....

'What we want you people to do is to reinforce just exactly what you have been saying so that we can then bring all this forward, because while obviously we know that, the reality is that I didn’t know how many groups actually used the pool until this came up. It is interesting, I was speaking to a number of people recently and they were saying ‘hey we must save the pool’. Then I said, ‘when were you last in it and on particular person said, ‘well the last time my kids went to swimming lessons – some years ago.’ '

‘The point I’m making really is what we need to do between now and the end of the consultation, which is June 30th is amass all this information, then we can make the case as local councillors for it to be retained because I think we’re all aboard with regard to that.’

'We’re convinced. The problem is that we have to convince others.’

‘The budget doesn’t come out until early next year, possibly February. So the consultation finishes, the official consultation finishes at the end of June but from then on there are other contributions and they can still be accepted up to September/October time. I’ve spoken to the budget leader about this and that’s the reassurance that I’ve been given.'

Graham and Sandy were outlining the consultation process and how the public could help by submitting their information to support the case that Nairn Councillors would present. We have to wait until February until we find out if Nairn Pool is to survive. Contrast Nairn's consultation with that of Inverness however. An Inverness councillor is claiming that the six community centres in the Highland Capital are now safe from the cuts. It seems the consultation process can be by-passed in Inverness but not in Nairn! Here's an extract from yesterday's P&J:

'Highland Council had considered shutting down up to four of the centres to save £133,000 a year on staff and running costs.
Those in the frame had been the Spectrum Centre, Merkinch Centre, James Cameron Centre, Hilton community centre, Raigmore community centre and the Cameron Club youth centre.
Speaking after lobbying colleagues at separate meetings of the Independents and ruling administration yesterday, Inverness Central councillor Peter Corbett said he had been delighted with the backing of other councillors to exclude the facilities from any hit-list as part of a continuing public consultation on budget possibilities.'

Full Press and Journal report here


going swimmingly said...

I've never attended Nairn Hospital so does that make it a potential candidate for closure under Graham Marsden's yardstick?

It would however be interesting to see usage figures for our pool, there have already been comments made about access times. I'm not saying that these should be a basis for closure, far from it, but perhaps as a resource more could be made of it?

Jane Harkiss said...

Yes absolutely! Let's buff it up a bit, know what I mean? How about a singles night, or would that just attract a lot of weirdos? Sounds good to me, I'm there already! But seriously, what a crock - of course we need a bleedin swimming pool. Der....!!! Where else is there the possibility of spotting a fit geezer in Speedos...?! Ermmm....

Ive got Guts said...

Pookie has me all in a flutter as i cant fit into my Speedos,so thats me on a diet, looking forward to seeing her in the bikini.

Six Pack said...

How about a Hunks in Trunks competition with some dignitaries featuring locals such as Sandy Park, Tommy Hogg,Graham Mardsen,Graham Vine,Laurie Fraser,
Iain Bain from The Nairnie, Murd Dunbar, Joe Telfer, John from the gift Shop to name just a few & Pookie could be on the judging panel

Belly Flop said...

I'm confused Six Pack.

You're 'hunks in trunks' sounds like a great idea, but your list of suggested competitors seem to lack the hunk factor.

In fact these are people I'd never like to see just in their trunks and I'm sure Pookie wouldn't either

Perhaps the hunk will just have to be you Six Pack :-)

Have u the stomach said...

Hey Belly Flop i would pay good money for a laugh if it was donated to a local charity if the persons named in Six Packs list would dare to bare.
Can you imagine the site? plus
the images reproduced on Save the Baths Facebook page.
As they say Belly Flop beauty is in the eye of the beholder

Beer gut said...

Whatever floats your boat "Have you the stomach" - if you find semi naked elderly men with large girths attractive I'm not going to argue with you

Each to their own

Graisg said...

Stop worrying about what people look like and live and let live?

you said it sister said...

Stop worrying about what people look like and live and let live?

Ooh we want them to live alright, but if we're paying good money for a hunk charity night we want lookers with six packs minimum

What every Woman Wants said...

Come all you sisters & join together to find Nairns Hunky Guys
put forward your boyfriends, husband,bits on the side,please note elderly gentlemen need not apply, all entrants will wear tuxedos & their Speedos.
The winner will qualify for this years Mr World Competition held in The Lethen Village Hall.

Jane Harkiss said...

Hey - the older the lead, the longer the pencil...or something? Maybe I got that a bit wrong. Quite possibly. No matter. But I am putting out an incentive to you guys to get down the pool, get in the swim - not to mention us gals, maybe a couple of floats and a free bar occasionally would be nice? Isotonic drinks only, natch.