Thursday, May 06, 2010

Watch your step!

The Scene at the Gordon Street end of the High Street. We don't want to get into a debate about the rights and wrongs of Streetscape here, this is just a quick heads up to warn that once you cross to the other side of the footpath watch your step. A lot of larger vehicles are having to mount the pavement to get round the bend from Gordon Street onto the High Street.


jobsworth said...

It's difficult to imagine as to how it will get worse but it will

Pedestrians are having to cross the road as the pavement is closed, but having done so find they are sharing people space with vehicles that can't get round the corner due to lack of road surface

Just who is in charge of this?

Over £1M to improve matters but first we have to go through appalling safety issues that don't seem to be being addressed

At least put in a temporary crossing for pedestrians, warning signs, and would it be too much to ask if one of the hands in pockets florescent work people stands at the junction to keep an eye on vehicles and pedestrians to make sure the two don't meet?

And where are delivery trucks for the Brae going to park now?

Any chance that there wasn't enough monies available for a fag box to plan any of this?

who lives in a town like this said...

The s--t has now hit the fan just you wait & see whats going to happen, Nairn voted the second visited holiday destination for holidays you're joking mate the visitors cant even cross the bloody
road & as for the The Regal who is going to enjoy that view, while im in full flow we even have to get volunteers to clean up the riverside, the high street
is so dowdy looking just glance at Orcadian House whens the last time that building saw a lick o paint?????