Saturday, May 29, 2010

Nairn the fourth most expensive seaside town in Scotland

The Scotsman reports on the Bank of Scotland seaside towns review and states that it will take 5.46 times the average local salary to buy a home. Presumably the Bank knows what the average salary is and what the average house price is in Nairn.
Sadly, I think we already know that owning a home is a fantasy for many local young people at the moment whether they are lucky enough to be earning the average local wage (whatever the statistics say that is) or not. It sort of puts the Sandown planning fiasco into another sort of perspective, if things had been handled better by both the Highland Council and planners perhaps some social housing could be now nearing completion on part of the Sandown lands. It is Common Good land so we as a community, if we had been allowed more input, could have stipulated low density decent homes, with gardens, for rent or part buy etc for those unable to get a foot on the housing ladder. Hopefully next time round that might happen.

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