Thursday, May 13, 2010

Provost Liz - Russ Foley's letter to the Press & Journal

Here's what Russ Foley had to say to the P&J:
– Regarding the sacking of the Nairn provost, Liz Macdonald (the Press and Journal, May 11), councillors Sandy Park, Laurie Fraser and Graham Marsden should hang their heads in shame over their treatment of her.

As someone who has worked with Liz in the voluntary sector, I have the highest regard for her ability, diligence and caring concern. A champion for Nairn and a staunch campaigner for the rights of carers and those who require care, she was absolutely right in her comments on the controversial ward forum.

In an increasingly politicised Highland Council, Liz never made any secret of her politics and is not the kind to hide behind superficial “political niceties".

Although I do not share her political affiliations, this I do know: whether it be belly-dancing or standing up and fighting for the good of Nairn, the three other councillors do not have her stomach for it.

She has earned the right to be our provost.

Russell Foley,
Well said Russell! Laurie Fraser should not be allowed to be Provost under these circumstances!


horrified said...

Laurie Fraser should never ever be allowed to become provost under any circumstance!

Anonymous said...

Laurie's a decent guy - but sometimes naive. In being handed the glittering chain of office he failed to notice the poison chalice. He has been set up. Do the decent thing Laurie, show you can think for yourself and resign the position.

We need to remind our elected representatives that we elect them to represent us. Their job is not to represent their party line to the people. Who among them is going to be the first to stand up, do the decent thing and admit they got it wrong?

ex muffin fan said...

"Do the decent thing Laurie, show you can think for yourself and resign the position"

Anon, would this sort of be like asking Danny Alexander to hand back the Scottish Office by any chance?