Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Inverness Courier speculatating on the result

'JUST two days to go before the polls open and our region still has the feel of an electoral backwater.
A four-way marginal before the 2005 boundary changes, the Inverness, Nairn, Badenoch and Strathspey constituency is now no longer a priority for national strategists from Labour, the Conservatives and the SNP.
In contrast to past elections there has been a notable absence of big hitters pressing flesh in the High Street. Where Tony Blair, John Major and the rest trod in recent years, the best known Westminster name to make their way north this time has been Gavin Strang, briefly transport minister under Mr Blair but who is not seeking re-election this time.'
Says the Courier, the paper seems to regret that there hasn't been too much excitement this time round. The bi-weekly journal goes on to talk about the cuts and the effect the proposals from his Lib Dem Council colleagues might have on Danny Alexander's campaign but there really isn't any hope of a shock here. It remains to see how comes second however. One political site seems to be indicating there is a late swing to the Nationalists. (On the Gurn unscientific fun poll John Finnie has been in the lead throughout the campaign. Gurnshire certainly looks to be a hotbed of SNP support). Here are the figures from a YouGov regional poll with the changes from 2005 in brackets, remember these regional polls can be notoriously out of sync however but could it be that Labour might slip back considerably in this constituency and we'll see the SNP as main challengers to Danny's incumbency?

Tory 14 (-2)
Lab 37 (-2)
LibD 22 (-1)
SNP 25 (+7)

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