Sunday, May 02, 2010

Getting a single Community Council for Nairn - time to send a letter or e-mail

We'll soon be reporting some more from the Courthouse on Tuesday night where the Single Council for Nairn issue was also debated. This is very important Gurnites, it comes at a time when the Scottish Government is considering giving more powers to Community Councils so it is essential we get the best possible deal for Nairn.

Since the demise of the Old Nairn District Council there has been a democratic deficit in Nairn. Nairn needs a single alternative voice. A 'Royal Burgh of Nairn Community Council' would achieve this. It would also strengthen the positions of Sandy, Liz, Graham and Laurie on the HC as they could point to the will of the people of Nairn as expressed by their Community Council. You only have to look at some local issues such as the Swimming Pool to see that the interests of the Highland Council do not always dovetail with the interests of Nairn. We need joined-up thinking on all the issues affecting the town now!

So what can you do to help bring a single council about? Well print off the following letter available on PDF format or copy and paste the details on it and e-mail it to the HC consultation team at

You could also make a few copies of the letter and pass them onto friends etc. Watch the Nairnshire for details of meetings where you can discuss this issue. For more information, the arguments for and against etc, read this supplementry Gurn blog.

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