Friday, May 14, 2010

Mike Robb (Labour) blogs on

The election may be over but Mike Robb's blog seems to have received a new lease of life. He has written two articles 'Lib Dems sell-out on Nuclear Power' and 'After the Election'. The defeated candidate writes:
'I wonder how many LibDem voters are now questioning how their support for Danny Alexander has led directly to the return of a Tory Government and a coming programme of savage cuts which will devastate jobs and services in the Highlands. The Tories were a distant 4th in this constituency as they were across Scotland, but they are now about to dominate our lives, with the help of Mr Alexander and his LibDem colleagues. '
He's tweeting too and here's a couple of his entries:
'Guardian predicting a Portillo moment for Danny Alexander at next election.'

'Reaction to Danny A taking Sec State role much stronger than I expected. Real anger in north and contempt in the south. '
The Gurn has asked him what he thinks of Liz's sacking - after all the Labour party are part of the Council Administration - they must share some of the responsibility for sacking Liz.
Another chance to interact with a Politician - have you any questions for the former Labour Candidate?

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